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laalaa.gif (18900 bytes)Introducing LAA LAA, she is the most popular of the Tubbies which I guess is mainly down to her good looks!

Her yellow coloured fur and her funny high pitched voice make this tubby the cutest of the pile!

She has the funny curly styled object on her head which I guess is a type of space like antenna to communicate with their fellow beings!




po.gif (17652 bytes)PO is the second most popular Teletubby, similar to LAA LAA, she has a cutely coloured fur although in red.

She has many talents including the ability to speak and sing in cantonese, she occasionally sings her little cantonese tune to which not even her fellow Tubbies can understand.

She always has a smile on her face which compliments her big brown eyes! To top PO off she has the sign of the circle for her Antenna, I would personally imagine this is the most efficient shape for such an instrument.




dipsy1.gif (18687 bytes)Now onto the boys, DIPSY is the third most lovable Teletubby, although he may not have the cute, appealing looks of the girls shown previously he can certainly sing, his favourite song involves Poppadoms!

His tanned complextion takes him above the overs when they travel to the Tubby Beach, suntan cream is simply not an issue.

The Green, mean lover machine is always out and about, getting up to mischief. His antenna is the simple but effective 'point'.




tinky.gif (19998 bytes)And finally TINKY WINKY - The stinky winky Tinky is the largest of all the tubbies, he towers over all at approximately 8 foot tall.

His character is loud and proud, his favourite phrase is 'tall dark and purple'.   He is slightly vain and so sings only about himself muttering "Tinky Winky, Tinky Winky" Over and Over again!

The triangle forms Tinkys antenna array, similar in design to a coat hanger but not as boring.

Tinky Winky is the leader of the Tubbies, taking them on their missions as the days pass.